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 Basic Ruling

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PostSubject: Basic Ruling   Thu May 12, 2011 6:37 am



The Building of Decks

- A deck can only contain exactly 50 cards
- You may only have 4 copies of the same card (This is referring to the card number/name. i.e. Different art of the same card may not be played)
- Only 16 Triggers may be contained in deck

Conditions of Victory

You have won the game when:
- You have inflicted 6 damage onto your opponent
- Your opponent runs out of cards to draw during their draw phase

Starting a Game

Game Preparation

Place a Grade 0 unit face-down on the Vanguard Circle. This card is your starting Vanguard. Both players then draw 5 cards

After doing so, proceed to decide who goes first. (this is usually done through rock paper scissors)


If a player dislikes certain cards in their hand they have the option to reshuffle into deck, any number of cards and then redraw until they have 5 cards in hand again. This may only occur once per game.

Stand Up Vanguard!!

Declare "Stand Up!!" and reveal your vanguard to start the game.
Going First
The player that takes their turn first cannot attack during the course of their first turn.

Phase Flow

Stand Phase

Any of the rested (tapped/landscape) units are put to the standing (untapped/portrait) position.

Draw Phase

Draw 1 card from your Deck

Ride Phase

In this phase you may ride another vanguard on top of your current one which is either one level or the same level as the current one. This can only be done one per turn and during this phase unless a cards ability states that they can do otherwise.

Main Phase

- Call

Place a Unit with a Grade either the same as the Vanguard's or lower in the Rear Circles.
You can Call as many times as you want in 1 turn.

- Unit Ability
You can activate any ability that allows you to do so in the main phase. Some abilities may
allow you to activate them in the battle phase.

- Move

You can move the Rear Guard back and forward.
This applies to the Rear Guard Circles on the left and right. But if a Unit is on the Circle behind the Vanguard,
it cannot move at all. Note that units cannot move left or right but only vertically
Battle Phase

- Attack

Put your Unit to Rest to initiate an attack. Then choose a unit in your opponents front row to declare an attack upon

- Guardian Call

When you are the one being attacked, you may call a unit to the Guardian circle during this phase of battle. You can call any number of cards to the guardian circle during your turn. After the battle, the guardian units are retired and any changes to units powers due to the guardians are reverted to normal

- Drive Check

When the Vanguard is the one declaring the attack you go into this phase. Check the top card of your deck for a trigger. If the top card is a trigger unit and you have either a vanguard or rear guard of the same clan, you may apply the effects of the trigger. The triggered card is then put to your hand.

Note: If you twin drive, the effects of the first triggered card must be applied before checking the second trigger.

- Battle Outcome

When comparing Power, if the Attacking Unit's Power is equal to or higher than its target, the attack is successful.

- If the target was a Rear Guard, retire the unit and put it to the Drop Zone
- If the target was a Vanguard, you calculate the damage to the Opponent by counting its critical value.
- The player receiving the damage sends that same amount of cards from their Deck to their Damage Zone.
- If a Trigger Card was revealed during the damage and is of the same Clan as your Vanguard or a Rear Guard on the field, its Trigger effect activates and is then sent to the Damage Zone.
There is no negative side effect to an unsuccessful attack

- End of Attack Phase

Guardians that were called are moved to the Drop Zone.
If there are Units on the Front Row that can still attack, you can attack again with them.
Declare it and repeat the process.
End Phase
You declare the end of your turn and pass turns to your Opponent.

Paying the Costs

Cost is depicted by an icon of two rectangles (white and black) with an arrow point from the white to the black
followed by a number. You pay costs by taking the same amount as the number indicated next to the icon,
of cards from the top of the Damage Zone, and by flipping them face down.

Types of Cost:

- Counterblast
Flip the number of cards face up on the damage zone equal to the stated value
- Soul Charge
Place the top card of your deck underneath the Vanguard
- Soul Blast
Send the number of cards under the Vanguard to the Drop Zone equal to the stated value
- Discard
Discard the stated number of cards from your hand to the Drop Zone
- Rest
Put unit to rested state

Explanation of Symbols/Icons

Please note the following:

- For trigger effect to activate, you must have at least 1 unit that is of the same clan on the field as the unit that has the trigger effect.
- Trigger effect cannot be activated from hand.
- If a Trigger Icon is absent, no effect is activated.
- You must choose which unit of yours to receive the trigger boost before checking for the next trigger (in multiple trigger checks, e.g. Twin Drive!! effect).
- Trigger effects are compulsory to activate.

Trigger Effects:

- Draw (Red 引 icon)
When revealed during a Drive Check or Damage Check, select 1 of your own Units and it gains +5000
Power, and draw 1 card.
- Critical (Yellow star icon)
When revealed during a Drive Check or Damage Check, select 1 of your own Units and it gains +5000
Power, and select 1 of your own again and it gains +1 Critical Power and Critical gains may be applied to different units.
- Heal (Green 治 icon)
When revealed during a Drive Check or Damage Check, select 1 of your own Units and it gains +5000.
When the damage you've received is equal or more than the Opponent's, you can heal 1 point of damage
by replacing this card with one of the cards in the Damage Zone. The replaced card will go to the Drop Zone. (You cannot put more than 4 Heal Triggers in a deck.)
- Stand (Blue 醒 icon)
When revealed during a Drive Check or Damage Check, select 1 of your own Units and it gains +5000. Select 1 Rear Guard that is in Rested position and Stand it.

Unit Icon Effects:

- Boost (3 arrows point upwards)
Grade 0 and 1 Units have this ability.
When declaring an attack with this Unit behind the attack, put this Unit to Rest and add its power to
the attacker.
- Intercept (tick-like arrow symbol)
Grade 2 Units have this ability. When other Units are being attacked, this Unit can move to the Guardian Zone and become its Guardian. Afterward it's treated as if it was called as a Guardian. Naturally the unit is retired like a normal guardian would be.
- Twin Drive!! (2 intersecting arrows)
Grade 3 Units have this ability.
As a Vanguard, it's able to Drive Check twice.

Types of Unit Abilities:

[永] = [Passive]
This ability will activate during your turn as long as the unit is on the field.
You cannot choose not to activate this ability, unless otherwise stated.
[起] = [Activate]
This ability can only be activated during your main phase.
You can choose to activate or not activate this ability.
You may activate this ability multiple times in your main phase, unless otherwise stated.
[自] = [Auto]
This is a compulsory ability and will activate as long as the condition(s) are met.
 However, You may choose to activate the effect or not,
 only if “you may” is written in the text.


Hope this is helpful ^^;

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   Sat May 14, 2011 4:24 pm

Sounds complicated, seems fun though.
Any players from New Zealand?

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   Sat May 14, 2011 5:18 pm

Maybe there is, not too sure about that man
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   Mon May 16, 2011 9:22 am

i'm really bored so this may be a kind of really poor troll or flame or whatever but, "You may only have 4 copies of identical cards in the deck" could be worded better as cards of the same name or identical name? due to the consistent efforts of Bushiroad we have 3 kinds of wingal and you can by no means play 4 of each art. "Place a Grade 0 unit face-down on the Vanguard Circle. This card is your starting Vanguard. Both players then draw 5 cards" maybe add do not look at look at your 5 cards until the turn order is chosen? or place the Jan-ken step before "draw 5 cards"

I find it destressing to not see "Image shiro" anywhere in these rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   Mon May 16, 2011 11:30 am

You want Image Shiro... you get a real life tutorial Razz

Also, I can tell you are bored by the fact that you made a facebook account Razz
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Miffed Moogle

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:46 am

HI! I'm a bit new and debating starting this to try bring it to a Brisbane shop (which already sells the boosters) is it best out of three or just one game? And are all the cards translated on this forum? I saw 3 topics, but it didn't look like enough images for every card.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Ruling   

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Basic Ruling
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