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 May tournament.

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PostSubject: May tournament.   Thu May 12, 2011 7:57 am

May's Vanguard's Tourney:
Date: 28/5 (SAT)
Time: 1pm
Venue: either GG or RMIT cafe( building 8 )
Max players: 16
participating fee : 10AUD
All participants will get 2 packs of boosters and
1st price will be 12 packs
2nd price will be 8 packs
3rd price will be 4 packs
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PostSubject: Re: May tournament.   Sat May 28, 2011 3:56 pm

the tournament today was awesome (especially with the "stand up the vanguard" part XD), congrats for the winner we gonna (perhaps the mods X>) make the scope for it later on.
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PostSubject: May Tourney Winners   Sun May 29, 2011 6:49 am

May Tourney Winners (left to right) : Evan( 3rd ), Justin ( Champion ), Eddie( 2nd )
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PostSubject: Re: May tournament.   Sun May 29, 2011 11:15 am

The saturday tourney was indeed awesome. I guess I'll leave my scope on what happened since I have not much else to do.

This was the first tourney I really got to be a proper part of since prior commitments stopped me from attending the previous one properly. Started the day and got into the city with Justin and Will early. We stopped at Starbucks and played a few rounds of vanguard ^^;. After a stop by Ozanimart, we finally got to Good Games where the tourney was to be held. Honestly I thought it was going to be too crowded for us to hold it there, but was quickly reassured when Russell told me we had tables reserved. First time I ever got to play at a reserved table there since I only really play the japanese card games that up till then hadn't held tourney's there (or not one I participated in). Played my last few rounds of vanguard with Justin to give him some practise and then Kiddo and the others appeared.

Finally the players were together and Kiddo started taking down names of participants and collecting payment. Side note, thanks for the scare on making me think I'd judge solo Razz. The tourney started off fairly well and we even got a couple people in that didn't really play the game until say 5-10 minutes before hand. The new nova player was entertaining to watch as his opponents seemed to never get their level 3 units in hand when facing him. Biggest noteworthy thing in the first few matches was the domination of the Kagero/Nova Deck players. Both builds running 12 critical triggers and 4 heal triggers, the deck type was all out brute force seeing double critical triggers ending the matches almost every time around. Everyone was in a zone of complete focus during first round, so most matches didn't see the players saying much aside from Will who was determined to quote lines from the anime whilst he played (turning a few heads in a process no doubt).

While the games were played, Good Games brought in 2 boxes of 1.0 boosters and sold them off as boosters. underestimated how well they would sell and kept advertising it to people and in the end, the boxes disappeared. Sorry about that guys ^^;

Getting to the finals we saw Evan (Paladins), Eddie (Kagero/Nova) and playing. The highlight match of the entire tourney for me had to be the mirror match between both Kagero/Nova decks that seemed to be dominating the meta during that day. Reaching the end of a very interesting match, Eddie attacks the vanguard for the finishing blow, only to have Justin pull out the Heal trigger. During Justins turn, he attacked the vanguard and Eddie guarded for enough to render just one trigger null. Justin checks the first trigger which is a critical and decides which unit to give it to first. Eddie had two null guard cards so had Justin added it to something else, he wouldn't have been able to get through that turn. He decides to add it to vortex dragon. Checking the second trigger, HE GETS ANOTHER CRITICAL TRIGGER! This he adds to vortex dragon, giving him enough to make the attack hit through. Eddie takes the damage and JUST loses the match. Upon checking the top of Justin's deck, there was yet another heal trigger waiting if he had not made it through that turn. Playing the remaining matches(which I only saw a little of due to trying to get people to buy boosters ^^Wink, both Kagero/Nova decks defeated the Paladin deck, seeing Justin as the winner of the tournament, Eddie getting runner up and Evan taking 3rd place.

All in all it was an exciting experience and I learned a lot by helping out with the judging. As the tourney ended and everyone opened their boosters, it appeared as though everyone wanted copies of Isolde, Barri or Aleph.

And that's it since my memory sucks Razz

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PostSubject: Re: May tournament.   

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May tournament.
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