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 Garm no Mise

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PostSubject: Garm no Mise   Garm no Mise Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2011 11:52 am

KWW11-077RR 星屑』 氷室 (2 stock)
KWW11-076RR 宇宙への憧れ クド (1 stock)
KWW11-032R 果てしない高さへの一歩 ク (1 stock)

SYWE09-23R 魔法使い長門&シャミセン (1 stock)
SYWE09-22R 観察者 長門 (2 stock)
SYWE09-24R 夏祭りの長門 (1 stock)

SYWE09-06RH 時間跳躍 キョン&みくる (3 stock)
SYWE09-05R 星に願うみくる (3 stock)
SYWE09-07R みくるとの出会い みくる(大)(2 stock)

SYWE09-13RH “超監督”ハルヒ (3 stock)
SYWE09-15RH “笹の葉ラプソディ”ハルヒ (3 stock)

SYW08-052SP SOS団団長ハルヒ (sign card)
SYW08-077RR おめかし長門 (1 stock)
SYW08-030R 温泉の鶴屋さん (3 stock)
SYW08-028R おめかし鶴屋さん (1 stock)

+ Lots of U & C from booster pack and extra booster (PM me)

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Posts : 59
Join date : 2011-05-07

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PostSubject: Re: Garm no Mise   Garm no Mise Icon_minitimeMon May 16, 2011 4:05 pm

Update: FAIRY TAIL - ナツーグレイ Deck

Lv 3 (4)
4x FT/S09-082 R (3 RR + 1 RRR)

lv 2 (Cool
3x FT/S09-056 R (2 R + 1 RRR)
3x FT/S09-081 R
2x FT/S09-087 U

Lv 1(14)
4x FT/S09-080 R
3x FT/S09-079 R
3x FT/S09-061 U
2x FT/S09-071 U
2x FT/S09-103 TD

Lv 0 (16)
4x FT/S09-054 R
2x FT/S09-076 RR
3x FT/S09-058 U
3x FT/S09-092 C
3x FT/S09-065 C
1x FT/S09-013 C

4x FT/S09-073 CR
2x FT/S09-075 CC
2x FT/S09-T14 TD

for 170 AUD + Icaros Sleeves

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Garm no Mise
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