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 Welcome People (please read!!!)

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Welcome People (please read!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome People (please read!!!)   Welcome People (please read!!!) Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 12:04 pm

Hello people of Australia, as you reckon this is fan-made forum relating to Bushiroad's stuff on 3 TCG: Weiß Schwarz (a.k.a WS), Vanguard, Chaos. As the community of these 3 TCGs are keep growing in Australia, we decided to make a forum in order to:
1. Unite Australian community of these TCGs, hopefully expanding the community even more
2. Communication: this forum give the community place to give opinion and discussion relating to stuff on the TCGs, helping each other out Smile
3. Simply making things more neater and more organize

As you notice, we do include Chaos on our range of topics, but somehow we decided to postponed it for various reasons. Therefore we only accommodate WS and Vanguard as starting point. But don't worry we will open the section for Chaos TCG as soon as we are ready! So sorry for any inconvenience

Feel free to join our forum, but of course we set out easy rules that you need to follow, which are:
1. No posts regarding racism and insults on religion
2. No posts relating to personal matter
3. No duplicate IDs (please only make 1 ID each person)
4. No flaming and scamming
5. No pornographic and other indecent posts/contents

We'll give you warning and possibility of being banned if you fail to comply with the rules.

I think that's all the introduction from us! This forum is open for for anyone, so don't be shy! Feel free to register and become the part of the community. As I said before, this is a fan-made forum, so it's not perfect at all (nothing perfect in this world after all). If you find any mistakes or if you have any suggestions or enquiries, please let us know! We will gladly accept it. We need your help to build a better forum in the future

The most important thing is enjoy! Regards, admin

cheers cheers cheers silent
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Welcome People (please read!!!)
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