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PostSubject: Card Rarity   Card Rarity Icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2011 1:08 pm

A bit random, for you guys (esp. new players) who are wondering what is the rarity for WS, here the list (from the rarest to common):

Normal Booster:
1:320 SP - Usually holo + sign by seiyuu or artists (not always e.g: Evangelion NERV's stamp)
1:160 RRR - I would say a 3D holo XD
1:20 SR - Holographic (extra. sign for Milky Holmes series)
[each of them have their counterpart exist with RR/Rs rarity mean you can get 1 R with its 1 SR counterpart in 1 box]
1:5 RR - In a box you'll get at least 1 RR for each colors (except Shana)
1:1 R - According to my exp. you'll only get 1 of each type of R in 1 box, sometimes 2 if you lucky (or not), and sometimes nothing (especially good Rs).
2:1 Uncommon (note that there may be a very rare case of uncommon that you'll get only 1 each box like Kyuukei)
4:1 Common

1:5 CR same as RR you'll get 1 CR in a box for each color
1:1 CC

To summarize a pack (8 cards): 4 commons + 2 uncommons, +1 rare (can be either SP/RRR/SR/RR/R) and 1 CC/CR
In 1 box = 20 packs a guarantee one SR (if you lucky RRR or even SP)
In 1 cartoon (16 boxes): 2 SP/ 4 RRR/ 10 SR

So that's explain the reason why SP and RRRs are highly priced ;P especially if the counterpart RR/Rs were originally expensive or the seiyuu/artists/anime characters are popular.

For TD some says the chance you'll get sign or holo is 1:6 TDs
For Extra Booster pack you'll get:
3 C + 1 R + 2 Parallel Holo (can be either C/R)

So in 1 pack you'll get 6 Rs, 18 Cs, and 12 Holos. [Note: Holos here come in random fasion (correct me if I'm wrong) but I think there will be 3-4 Rs for Holo in 1 boosters, the rest is C, if you lucky SP. But again the chance is only 2 out of 1 carton]

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Card Rarity
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