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 Pudding's Buying =3=

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Pudding's Buying =3= Empty
PostSubject: Pudding's Buying =3=   Pudding's Buying =3= Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 5:53 am

Weiss Schwarz -

宇宙への憧れ クド x3

果てしない高さへの一歩 クド x3

『すき』のはぐるま クド x4

“夕暮れの妖精”クド x3

ぶらっくほわいと x 2

“卒業式”かなで&ゆり x 4

皆を見送る役目 かなで x 3

結弦の心臓 かなで x 3

Touhou Chaos

奇跡を起こす程度の能力「東風谷 早苗」 x2

And if anyone have Shining Force EXA cards contact me as well =3= frd of mine wants to make a deck of that

xiaoxiaopudding at
xiaoxiaopudding at

or just reply me here

I also have Nanoha As, StrikerS Cards... just reply or email me to see what I got left... I don't think I have much RR and R left though, mostly used to build my own decks...

And then.. Touhou Chaos Cards... I dont even noe what I have anymore... bought quite some boxes for each of them... reply or email me what you need if you need any
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Pudding's Buying =3=
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